Selling Abstract Paintings Online

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Selling abstract paintings online is a skill that takes into consideration several fundamental factors. First, there is the artist’s perspective. The artist, especially when he is an amateur and not known among seasoned art aficionados, seeks to build a relationship and presence within the art circles. This compels such artists to produce at least two calibers of paintings; the mass market affordable pieces and the custom pieces for specific clients. The mass market affordable pieces may be depicted on simple or average quality media such as ordinary art paper and water colors or acrylic on ordinary paper. The exceptional custom pieces, owing to the more sophisticated tastes of the patrons, may be oil based productions conducted on canvas. Both approaches enable the artist to build a rapport with potential clients and transition on to the next best category or level.

Second, selling abstract paintings online requires the artist to engage the online communities and the target market in a manner that communicates or speaks to their tastes. An artist may have all the best materials and tools in the world to produce exceptional paintings, but the interaction with the viewer is the most important element for artists seeking a platform. This approach is particularly important when considering the power of social media and younger art viewers. How does the artist and his works interact with them?

Third, selling art online transcends interactions and sales to clients over the internet because many often become lifelong patrons who would elevate the artist’s works to corporate and even global level. Custom clients do not just seek unique pieces for their personal enjoyment but may also require more lucrative productions e.g. murals for institutions, signature themes for important public buildings, etc. therefore selling art online is a stratagem that can transform the consumption of an artist’s productions from ordinary single individual circumstances to corporate pieces that entire society enjoys. 

Hence, the utilization of the ‘loss leaders’, generic art pieces that an artist uses to engage potential long-term patrons while earning some minimal income is not entirely detrimental because it opens the path to discovery and engagement between the artist and the viewer. 

Ultimately, selling abstract paintings online is also reliant on the actual events and exhibitions that the artist can organize to ensure direct engagement with actual patrons and viewers. Outreaches are the pinnacle of artistic marketing because they enable the buyers of the art to meet the creator of the pieces they value. 

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