complex sensitivity

complex sensitivity

Alessandro Tognin, Complex sensitivity: one of the main abilities of an artist should be that of knowing how to grasp the complexity of reality. That is expressed in the multiplicity of his being. Thus every moment of existence is not univocal but studded with a myriad of components that human sensibility can perceive or not.

One of the aims of the artistic work of Alessandro Tognin, a painter originally from Occhiobello born in 1981, is precisely that of restoring this complexity to the two-dimensional support of the canvas. The interest in the multiplicity of existence is so strong, for this artist. In fact that pushes him to abandon the form and to venture beyond the phenomenal reality.

On a more strictly stylistic level this means adherence to the representative modalities of Abstract American Expressionism. With a particular interest in the work of Jackson Pollock. The interpretation of the world, therefore, becomes pure sensibility, stripped of all other formal trappings. Although in some works Alessandro Tognin still feels the need to rely on a hint of figuration.

In works such as “Dark Noir” or “Fruit” the artist leaves the visual trace of the subject. But it is completely transfigured by that pure sensibility that was discussed earlier. And it is here that the complex sensitivity and multiplicity of existence exists. Reality is completely fragmented in a myriad of space-time pieces.

It is as if Tognin watched the existence with a very powerful microscope. And succeeded in representing the frames that compose it. From a formal point of view, all this translates into a pictorial surface composed of a multitude of touches of color that are combined in an extremely colorful but at the same time balanced chromatic set.

In some paintings this strong chromatism is also accompanied by a more calligraphic gesture by the artist. That is expressed in long and thin signs, almost electric shocks. Alessandro Tognin’s works are certainly the result of a strong, vigorous and instinctive gesture.

However the artist knows how to control his character. By making a strong component of harmony to the economy of the work. We can appreciate it in works such as “Dexamethasone hydrochloride” or “Wavelengths: harmonic compensation box”. The preponderance of warm colors, sometimes even with aggressive tones, makes Tognin’s works real and vital explosions in progress.

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