Abstract electric


Abstract electric, 39 in x 28 in, acrylic on canvas ,Ferrara,2018

Electric, 39 in x 28 in, acrylic on canvas ,Ferrara,2018
Abstract electric, 39 in x 28 in, acrylic on canvas ,Ferrara,2018

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Abstract electric, 39 in x 28 in, acrylic on canvas ,Ferrara,2018

The painting of Alessandro Tognin is titled “Abstract electric”. The name itself clarifies a significant involvement in the issues that affect light, shade and the electric form. The aesthetic conception circumscribes not only the various fields of art, but the whole way of conceiving life, for electrical innovations.

We find the presence of the light that activates the night life, an inclination for modern art stands out. Here the technique finds the largest group of jobs and maximum development.The abstract painting in fact originated from current events, when the painter was struck by the idea, which changes people’s lives for which the nocturnal world becomes controllable.

And this as much as the daytime one. Thus the new scenario enters the work, with its study on the composition of light. Full of vitality, it increases the results of secret energies in the painting, with very rapid and concise oscillations. Radio flows transform nearby reality, through points and microscopic sparks of light and intense color.

The painter Alessandro Tognin senses occult energies that break out, as in a storm. The work is an artistic experimentation, showing elements related to energy. But also to artistic languages ​​that manifest much of contemporary research. Therefore it is akin to modernity, with a language that concerns the sensitivity and expression of the artist.

In fact Alessandro Tognin looks at contemporary reality with an eye trained to visions and modern images.

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