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How to safely clean your acrylic landscape painting

These days, it is increasingly becoming standard for artists to utilize water-based acrylic paints in their pieces due to the high demand by clients who appreciate art. Today’s modern houses contain wall hangings for decorations which may include acrylic landscape painting or abstract acrylic painting. However, it is crucial to understand how best to clean them without causing damage for proper maintenance of the paintings’ collection. Below are some of the tips you consider trying.

Application of white cotton cloth

One of the simplest methods of cleaning up that acrylic landscape painting, for example, is by using soapy water soaked white cotton cloth and in this case, olive oil–based may work miracles. You will be surprised to discover the amount of grime that comes off. Do not be harsh with paintings that have thick impasto since you would not like to break hardened seasoned paint. 

If you can still see dirt covering your painting, it is wise to consult an art restorer who would utilize a stronger product for cleaning and may apply the pigment colors again if necessary. It is impressive how a fixed painting can exhibit its real colors by merely getting rid of cigarette accumulation or the smoke from the fireplace.

Buy a soft-bristled brush. 

As for the works on a paper, you first need to determine if it has a water-based paint or not. You can do this by using a damp white cloth to wipe the piece area behind the mat. If you see the paint’s color on the clothing, it means that the paint is water-based. For such, you can cause damage to the piece as you try to clean with water. It is better to dust with a soft dry brush. You can attempt to gently wipe that small stain, which makes you uncomfortable to your eye by applying a damp, scarcely humid white cotton cloth.

  • Application of a makeup brush or duster will perform wonders for this function.
  • The intended brush ought to be clean and dry ahead of coming into contact with that abstract acrylic painting

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