Two trees together oil on canvas

Two trees together, 47 in x 47 in, oil on canvas, Ferrara, 2014, Sold!

Investing in original paintings
Investing in original paintings


Two trees together, 47 in x 47 in, oil on canvas, Ferrara, 2014, Sold!

The painting of the painter Alessandro Tognin represents two trees that are born, grow and live close to each other, intertwining. This happens not only in the roots, but also in the foliage, forming a whole in the midst of nature. The two trees are the image of the life of two people who love each other.
Two trees together: we have a forest putting together even two trees to create a more livable city.

A forest is much more than a collection of trees, but a dynamic complex of ecosystems. The trees of life and love. A comparison between trees and people: two trees, one being, which not only embellishes the landscape around us. But this has a basic part for our health: it purifies the air, serves as an acoustic and visual barrier, supplies oxygen, reduces carbon dioxide, imprisons dust.

It also makes us save energy, thanks to its cooling capacity in summer and to protect it from cold winds in winter. All this by including that its fruits are a source of nutrition and its wood is the material with which to warm ourselves. In this picture, the observation of these trees by the painter is highlighted. We also appreciate the love for nature and its importance for our present and for safeguarding our future.

The central theme is the sparkling of colors, clear and bright at the same time around these birches.
Love is strong enough to overcome time, circumstances, pain. Two trees together offer something to believe in, a certainty that one does not imagine can exist. But somehow, despite the doubts and questions, one can think that happiness exists. Even if many people will not be able to understand, even just the vision of the picture makes them happier. The truth is that being close makes us better and happier.

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